Nominee and Finalist for Hatched: National Graduate Show, Perth Institue of Contemporary Art.

Misklectic's graduating work titled #FOC  explores the psychological implications of excessive consumption and how this conditions societal constructs and relationships. Filmed to mimic the a fashion campaign, the video is projected within a monumental plastic-wrapped theatrette with individual peep-show booths, thus self-critically fetishising and commodifing the art experience.

The design of the open-backed booth serve to the experience for multiple reasons. The barrier between the viewer and the work creates tension and voyeurism, combined with the sheer scale gives the impression of being unattainable and omnipotent.

Each booth is equip with a single pair of headphones and illuminated by red lighting isolating each viewer and provocatively inviting them to be as comfortable as possible and to indulge in the sublime. However, as there are only three booths it constricts the number of viewers who may view the work in its totality.

In the event of a large audience it creates a 'waiting' period, replicating the tension and hype of the public waiting for the launch of a new product or show. The doorless booth purposefully puts its occupant on display - as the viewer consumes the work the audience waiting for their turn consume the viewer, highlighting one's actions during the consumption of the work.

Performed by Mossy Jade Johnson, Fox Pflueger, Essie Angle and Aimee Rytenskild. Audio compilation of Gareth Pugh Soundtrack SS2011 Matthew Stone, Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2014 Campaign Film and original score by Misklectic.