Pagoda-CH4 gets its name from the Pagoda coral and chemical abbreviation for Methane (CH4). Methane is twenty-three times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and plays a key roles in rising temperatures.

Bleaching episodes have wiped out much of Australia's coral, however the research of Dr Anya Salih shows promise in corals which are able to fluores - she found they were more resilient to the bleaching process.

In this digital artwork fluorescent coral is used as a symbol of resilience against great adversity and survival in crisis. Secondly, representative of femininity, of womankind and our endurance. Here, I have remixed photographs of my sculptural works with a portrait of myself taken by another fellow female artist. I have positioned my sculptures to appear as a mask, or a protective layer akin to armour, for my art is my strength, it is my voice and vehicle for change.