Commision for the shine dome, canberra in collaboration with art, not apart festival.

Pudica is a life-size sculpture commissioned by Art, Not Apart to be on display at the iconic Shine Dome for the duration of the festival. The work is an extension of the series Beauty and Decay series.

This project focused on the development of two key interests – material and form. Technicoloured plastic is combined with bone-white gypsum to summon the symbiotic concepts of beauty and decay, life and death. Pudica takes the shape of both a reef and the female body – a mother which gives life. The iconography of multiple hands concealing the body refer to the classical art pose of ‘Pudica’, or ‘Shameplant’, where women were depicted as covering themselves, which in turn drew the viewer’s attention to the very thing they were concealing, their sexuality, thus creating a notion of shame.

In this work death and decay is concealed, representing our shameful treatment and the future of the reef.