Gypsum, pigment, resin, steel, wood
180 x 50 x 50cm

Commisioned by Art, Not Apart Festival 2019 (ACT). Finalist for Agendo Art Prize 2019 (VIC). Footscray Art Prize 2019 (VIC). Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture 2020 (NSW). Exhibitied for Pleasure, RMIT Gallery 2020 (VIC). Cover Image for Art Almanac, Feb 2020 Issue. 

Pudica serves as a hypothetical sarcophagus pertaining to a future dystopia where we failed to decarbonise Earth and lost one of our greatest natural wonders - The Great Barrier Reef. 

Combining technicoloured plastic with bone-white gypsum to summon the symbiotic concepts of beauty and decay, life and death, Pudica takes the shape of both a reef and the female body – a mother which gives life.

The iconography of multiple hands concealing the body refer to the classical art pose of ‘Pudica’, or ‘Shameplant’, where women were depicted as covering themselves, which in turn drew the viewer’s attention to the very thing they were concealing, their sexuality, thus creating a notion of shame. In this work, death and decay is concealed, representing the current and ongoing shameful treatment of the reef.

Pudica calls its viewer to emotionally reconnect with what it is at stake, once more.

Pudica is a development of the Beauty and Decay series, commissioned by Art, Not Apart Festival.