Edition No. 1-6, SCULPTURE, 2017
Resin, Pigment
18 x 9 x 5cm

Winner of the Young Artist Award: Burrinja Climate Change Biennale.

Edition No. 7, 2019
Bronze, Patinated.
18 x 9 x 5cm

Beauty and Decay (Our Ocean is a Graveyard) tells the tale of Australia's coral reefs.

Our relationship to their great wonder encompasses so much; we are struck by their natural beauty, in awe of their intricate complexity and scale, some rely on the reefs for their livelihood, some feel shame as we exploit and destroy them. Our past and present relationship to the coral reefs has resulted in major episodes of bleaching, leaving behind fields of skeletons on the ocean floor. In this work I wish to focus on the relationships between politics, industry and their effect on the coral reefs.

Whilst we watch the reefs fade, research of Dr Anya Salih shows promise in corals able to ‘fluoresce’ - finding they were able to adapt to rising temperatures and survive the bleaching process. We too can ‘fluoresce’ in the face of the climate emergency. We must adapt as a society; in our social conscious, our industry practices, and in our government’s policies. In this story we must learn from our past, see the present clearly, and affect change to create a better future.